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Minecraft Light and Weather Secrets


Whether it is day or night, sunny or raining, there is always something going on in Minecraft. Find out about light levels, secrets, mobs, weather and more…


Light Levels

Everything that emits light – including the sun – has a light level. The lowest is 0 (no light) and the highest is 15 (full daylight). If the light level in an area is 9 or below, it means mobs can spawn, which is why they come out at night and hide in caves. It also explains how they can stay alive in the shade of trees!


Torches emit a light level of 14 and are the easiest way to light a lot of space. You can also use other light-emitting blocks such as glowstone, sea lanterns, candles, lanterns, End rods and Jack o’lanterns. Some of these even work underwater, which is something torches cannot do!


Light Secrets

  • Fire emits a light level of 15, but it can easily spread if not properly managed!
  • Zombies, phantoms and skeletons will burn in direct sunlight if the light level goes above 12.
  • In daylight, spiders and cave spiders will become passive and only attack if they are provoked.
  • Artificial light sources of level 11 or higher will melt any show that is around them.
  • Crops will uproot if the light level is 7 or lower, and they can only grow in light level 9 or higher.
  • Mushrooms will uproot in light level 13 or higher, unless planted in podzol, mycelium or nylium.


Tip – The moon phase changes from one night to the next, but the fullness does not affect its brightness – it is always level 4.


All About Weather

There are three states for weather:

  • Clear is the default setting
  • Rain means rain will fall and the sky darkens
  • Thunder is a Minecraft storm


Here, the sky darkens even more, to the point where mobs can spawn in the day, and lightning strikes will hit the ground. 


The weather in the Overworld is the same everywhere. The End and the Nether don’t have weather. Sleep in a bed to skip rain, snow or thunder.


It’s Raining, It’s Pouring

Rain falls as snow in cold biomes, or at high altitudes, depositing snow layers on the ground. It never rains in hot biomes, such as deserts, Badlands and savanna.


A lightning rod can be used to attract lightning strikes. It will prevent a fire forming wherever lightning strikes and emit a redstone signal that can be used to trigger a circuit. Rain puts out any fires that aren’t burning on Netherrack.


Mobs and Weather

Lightning strikes can transform certain mobs. A creeper struck by lightning will become a powerful charged creeper. A villager becomes a witch, a pig becomes a piglin, and a mooshroom becomes a brown mooshroom. A turtle struck by lightning will drop a bowl! 


When it is raining, mobs hurt by water – endermen, striders and blazes, for example – will take damage.


Tip – If it is raining, you can use the Channeling enchantment on a trident to summon lightning, or the Riptide enchantment to travel to wherever the trident is thrown.


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