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How To Grow Your Own Food In Minecraft


It won’t be long before you need your own food supply to sate your hunger in Minecraft. Read on to learn more about growing your own food.


Step One – Collect Starter Seeds

Eating food refills your hunger bar, so you will have to do it regularly, and the best way to do that is to make your own food.


The first thing you need to begin planting crops is seeds. The easiest form of seeds to find are wheat, which you can get by breaking long grass (it occurs naturally in almost every biome).


If you find a village with a farm, you can also scavenge potatoes, carrots and beetroot from it. These are the easiest crops to grow, as others, such as melons, pumpkins, cocoa beans and sugar cane have extra requirements.


You won’t need too many seeds to begin with. We will assume you are growing wheat to make bread, so find a minimum of three sets of seeds to plant, but more isn’t a bad idea!


Step Two – Create Farmland

Seeds must be planted in farmland to grow. Craft a hoe (two sticks and two of any material), then use it to turn dirt into farmland. If the farmland dries out, it will turn back into dirt, so make sure it is within three blocks of a water source block. 


If you craft a bucket (three iron ingots), you can collect water from a river or pond and use it to make some irrigation. When the farmland is wet, it turns a darker brown, signifying that it is ready for planting.


Tip – If you are looking for food but haven’t got time to farm, scavenge apples by breaking oak leaf blocks.


Step Three – Grow Crops

Use the seeds on the farmland to plant them. They will turn into small, green shoots, which grow over time in seven stages. It takes five to 35 minutes for a plant to grow to its final stage and if it is harvested before then you will only collect the seeds you planted.


Plants don’t just need watering – they need light, too! They will stop growing at night unless you put lights (like torches) nearby. You can speed up the growth of crops by one stage if you fertilise them with bonemeal, crafted from bones (dropped by skeletons) or by filling up a composter (seven wood slabs) with compostable plant material.


Step Four – Harvest

Once a crop is fully grown, break it however you like. The block will drop enough crop to eat and some to plant again! Wheat drops a sheaf of wheat and up to three seeds. Carrots drop 2-4 carrots, so you can eat some and replant more.


Once collected, some food can be eaten directly (carrots, beetroots), some can be cooked (potatoes) and some can be crafted into other foods. Wheat is very versatile – three wheat make a loaf of bread, two wheat and one cocoa beans make cookies and three wheat, an egg, two sugar (crafted from sugar cane) and three buckets of milk make a whole cake!


Tip – Fence off farmland to stop mobs walking over it at night, as this can destroy the farmland and uproot any unfinished crops.


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